Curious Humans: Starter Pack

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Sick of simple conversations? Skip the small talk and open up a world of intriguing scenarios, beliefs and dilemmas to discuss and debate.

Rules are simple, players read a card and everyone takes a guess if these curious statements are TRUE or FALSE.

Think you know your friends? You’re about to find out with the Ultimate Icebreaker Game for Curious Humans.



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Learn to play in 30 seconds!
Play Kinky Humans on its own or with other Curious Humans games.
Suitable Only for Kinky Humans 18 years and over.
Get these sexy TRUE and FALSE cards available only with the Kinky Humans pack.

340 statement Cards
40 twisted cards
10 unique True Cards
10 unique False Cards


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Weight .950 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 7 cm

7 reviews for Curious Humans: Starter Pack

  1. Eli

    This game is amazing, been telling all my friends about it, played it once before it was released and loved it since. So happy it’s finally in stock

  2. Australian Tabletop Gaming Network

    “Is it possible? Could we finally have found a game that does Cards Against Humanity better than Cards Against Humanity? ” – ATGN

  3. Dez

    Curious Humans is a great game that is fun to play and literally brings people closer together. It has a level of intelligence and sophistication that other Party Games lack.

  4. Brennan

    Absolutely fantastic. Demo by the creator was really in depth, too.

  5. Keith

    This game is a real eye opener and mind expander. You think you know someone…

  6. Tamara Koivunen

    I only bought this game 2 months ago but its quickly become my friends and mine favourite game. Ive never known more about my friend than i do since playing this game. It always ends up being played at every games night and we are always left in stitches.

  7. Candy

    This game is like CAH but BETTER! We bought it immediately after we heard about it. Won’t disappoint I promise!

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