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Yes! We have MANY more expansions planned and not just more of the existing categories either.

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Many of the cards are written ambiguously on purpose to encourage conversation. If you think you are interpreting the statement differently to the person playing it, challenge them! Ensure everyone around the table is interpreting it the same way before answering. If you don't challenge, crafty players can win the game by interpreting cards differently to their opponents and answering accordingly.
No, put your phone away and talk to your fellow humans.
Some of cards can be shocking but not offensive. Depending on who you are playing with though, the resulting conversations could become offensive but not often.
Yes, while the game is aimed for an adult audience the majority of the General and Awkward categories and some of the Controversial category can be played with persons under 18.

Before starting a game use the colour coding and read through the cards to customise your deck to who you are playing with.
Have all players point at the person they think they know the least. The player with the most people pointing at them goes first.
Of course the point of the game is to tell the truth. However, if you think someone has lied, challenge them! If they can't defend themselves to the satisfaction of the group, they do not win the card.
If half of your opponents answer true and half answer false resulting in a tie. You win the card.