1 – Deal each player 7 cards from the deck and give each player a True card and a False card.  Choose a player to go first.

2- On your turn, play a Statement card from your hand. Answer the statement  truthfully by placing either your True card or False card face down in front of you.

3 – The other players then try to match your answer by placing either their True card or their False card face down in front of them.

4 – After all of the other players have placed their guess, they flip their cards  and reveal their answers. You then reveal your answer and score the round.

5 – If half or more of the other players do not match your answer, then you  win the hand. Keep the Statement card as a point. Drawback up to 7 cards.

The next player then takes their turn. The first player to collect 7 Statement  cards (points) wins the game.